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Kitchen Floor cabinet Box type 

Kitchen /Cupboard shutters only

kitchen wall Box unit 

Wardrobe box type unit

Wardrobe/ Cupboard/loft shutters only

TV panel with storage

Pooja unit box type

Frequent Questions Asked:

Which brand is best for modular kitchen?

There are many brands available for modular kicthen like Sleek, Cook scape etc. But we Ultra modular kitchen and Interiors having factory at saidapet, chennai. We are manufacturers and directly installing modular kitchen and executing interior works thereby attaining best quality and less prize than those brands

How much does modular kitchen cost in Chennai?

The cost of modular kitchen is depending upon size of kitchen and individual requirements. A typical cost ranges from 40k to 100k

Why modular kitchen is costly?

The modular kitchen is costlier because the manufacturer is giving to dealers and again dealers are also keeping some margins. But in Ultra Modular kitchen, We are having factory. As a manufacturers of kitchen cabinets, we are directly installing at work spot. So our prize will always be about 20% lesser than market prize.

How do I build a cheap modular kitchen?

The cheap modular kitchen can be built by suitably designing the kitchen on construction stage itself. We are giving designing ideas during construction stage so that the cost of modular kitchen will come to minimum.

How much does a 10x10 kitchen cost?

The L shape modular kitchen costs for 10 x 10 kitchen ranges from 40k to 60k. Also depending upon customer requirements of materials it may increase.

Is PVC good for modular kitchen?

The PVC materials can be used for modular kitchen which is about 40% cheaper than wooden kitchens. But PVC cabinets are not sturdy and will not last long. Hence it is not popular among peoples.

Which material is good for kitchen cabinets?

The modular kitchen cabinets are made with PVC, Natural Wood, Plywood, Aluminium, Stainless steel. But a Plywood pasted with laminate is preferred as good materials because of cost and customization of designs.

What is the cost of Hettich modular kitchen?

The modular kitchen cabinets using Hettich accessories will cost around 50K for a normal kitchen. 

How much should fitting a kitchen cost?

The labour cost for fixing modular kitchen cabinets will around 15K. But in our factory we are doing supplying and fitting. Hence searching for fitting labour is not necessary.

Can modular kitchen be shifted?

Some of the cabinets can be shifted and rearranged. But as per site conditions if it to be fixed on wall then it will be difficult to remove them. Usually people won't shift the cabinets.

How can I save money on a modular kitchen?

Money can be saved on modular kitchen by giving work direct to manufacturers. We are having factory and directly installing the kitchen thereby saving the margin kept by dealers.

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